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´╗┐Tsunami brushes Alaska coast

We'll be compiling updates on the Alaska tsunami situation here. "They weren't predicting a huge wave. They gave us an estimated (arrival) time of 4:25 this morning," said Sitka Fire Chief Dave Miller. to notify Sitka residents who Trenbolone Enanthate Generic signed up for the tsunami warning service. "In theory, every phone was called. We opened up the high school and junior high for people to hang out," Miller said. Nothing happened, he said.

Partly because the waves are striking the city waterfront at Buy Viagra At Boots low tide, they haven't caused any damage. But some of the waves reached about 30 inches tall and were "very visible," he said.

Kodiak harbor master Marty Owen described the tsunami as a non event in his town. He said he spent most of the night worrying about it, but the status of the alert was never elevated to a warning.

"We've observed nothing here in Kodiak. . I'm grateful," Owen said.

King Cove harbor master Dave Bash reported a 2 foot tide fluctuation. and is tapering off, he said.

No damage has been reported from strong waves or unusual currents, according to state emergency officials.

A Nandrolone Canada more serious tsunami warning remains in effect this morning in the sparsely populated coastal areas of the Aleutian chain between Amchitka Island and Attu.

The biggest tsunami reported in Alaska after the Japanese quakes measured roughly 5 feet over usual sea level. It was reported at Shemya, in the Aleutians, at around midnight. Sitka, in Southeast Alaska, saw a tsunami wave this morning roughly one foot above usual seas, Buy Viagra Over The Counter according to the Alaska Department of Clomiphene Citrate Suppliers Homeland Security Emergency Management.

Small tsunami waves less than two feet above normal sea level Buy Kamagra Uk Online also have been reported in Adak and Nikolski, according to the tsunami warning center.

Three passenger planes headed Buy Kamagra Paypal from the Lower 48 to Japan diverted to the Anchorage International Airport on Thursday night and early Friday. The planes remain on the tarmac and the passengers were sent to local hotels pending alternate arrangements, according to John Parrot, Buy Kamagra Uk Next Day the airport manager. Several Japanese airports remain closed.

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